Changing Relationships

Cloé Madanes

Changing Relationships is a deep repository of practical insight that will inspire dozens of aha! moments. But Madanes’ observations are not simply impressive; she is also a wise and generous mentor, providing access to powerful strategies that can be put to immediate use by therapists and coaches. Whether clients are trying to break free of relationship stalemates, turn down the volatility in communication, revitalize connection, create safe space for new possibility, or interrupt a seemingly intractable pattern, Changing Relationships will serve as an essential reference and a golden compass for the professionals from whom they seek guidance. Madanes isn’t much interested in fixing people, rather, her brilliance is in helping people discover — or to recover — that pathways that will lead them to becoming what they want to be, both as individuals and in relationship.

Changing Relationships is available in paperback on Amazon.

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